Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Talk with Jennifer

Bert and I walked over to the myeloma clinic hoping to talk with Jennifer (our favorite nurse). Jennifer listened to the entire story and went to check Mom's labs for us. All her blood counts are getting worse as the myeloma cells continue to spread in her blood stream. White blood 3.9; red blood 2.48; hemoglobin 8.2; hematocrit 29.7 and platelets 96. Her calcium is still low 8.0 but her creatinine is starting to climb at 1.4.

Jennifer went to check with Dr. Weber and Allan Chua to make sure that someone came to talk to Mom while we are still here at the hospital. She also told me all the things we need to make sure for hospice care ... IV for fluids, ability for cather (if needed), xometa, etc. She also told us that with medication Mom will not be in any pain once she is at home in hospice care.