Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coming Home in Ambulance Style

Mom will be coming home in an ambulance this afternoon and she wanted to know if the kids would like to see it. So she has requested a grandkids greeting when she arrives back in The Woodlands. I'll ask Bert, Jarrah, etc ... to get the kids over there so that they can see the ambulance coming in and watch her being unloaded then we can get her settled. Maybe they can make her some Welcome Home signs -- she would like that! Uncle Bert and Cousin Sean are hanging out with the kids today in addition to Ed, Cathy and Jarrah ... plus Nana, Granpa, Jon, Marianna and Flora come by often. We are really blessed to have so much family so close!

Her pain is at an all time low. The patch that pain management put on her back is working really, really well. Still waiting to be discharged. We need to meet with Kathleen to understand how all of this will work ... hopefully she will be here soon.