Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Final Goodbye

The final goodbye came even quickly than we had anticpated. Around 11pm Dad sat with Mom and held her hand not knowing how close to the end she really was. She told him to go on to bed but he sat there for about an hour until she drifted off to sleep. He checked on her around 2am and she was sleeping but when he went back around 5am she had slipped away. I arrived shortly followed quickly by Bert and Elizabeth then David.

Mom had been so happy the night before. She was surrounded by the family that adores her. When we left last night we felt certain that we had weeks if not a month to spend with her. She had planned banana split parties, doctoring visits from the kids and long conversations with my Dad.

As we grieve we are overjoyed that Mom is no longer in pain. We know that she is with the Lord and that she is comforted completely. We will do our best to follow all of her wishes and we will never forget the profound impact this great woman has had on all that knew her.