Saturday, November 28, 2009

Flowers for Gram

On Thanksgiving Day Dad, Bert and I took Mom's cremated remains to four spots at the farm that Dad had picked out. By the two pine trees close to the farm house, by the pond, in the Stantler region under a tree and in the middle of the pasture looking back over the farm house. All of this was per Mom's request hours before she passed. Then on Saturday we went back and planted wild flowers in each of the locations along with some bulbs and fern in the shady Stantler region. We also planted wildflowers along Smith Road leading up to the farm house. Mom had researched wild flowers last spring and we had planned to plant (or throw them out) this fall. David took some video of the kids planting the flowers - see below. The fall leaves were beautiful and it was the kind of weekend at the farm that Gram would have loved. We still cannot believe that she is gone and the kids still want to talk about why Gram went to heaven.