Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Memories of Gram

It has been interesting to see what memories the kids have of Gram. When you ask if they remember her they will typically say that she is in heaven, that she died and that she had myeloma. But then at the most unusual times they will come up with something you did not expect. During a Valentine's Day breakfast with Nana, Granpa and the five of us Zander looked up at me and asked why did my Mommy die and why did she have myeloma. Later that same day as we were driving the kids to AWANA's Addison said that she knew where Gram was. That in her brain she knew that Gram was on a cloud up in heaven. She said that she was on the clouds because they were so fluffy.

Today Addison put on a pink sweat suit to wear over her leotard to go to gymnastics. She asked me where the pink sweat suit came from and I told her that I thought Gram had purchased it for her. To this she said, "No, Gram bought me the smaller one. I got this one for my 5th birthday and Gram was not at my 5th birthday she was at my 4th birthday." Wow. I later remember that I bought the sweat suit from Marshall's. On the drive home from gymnastics I asked Addison what she remembered about Gram just to see what she would say. She said, "I sat in her lap a lot and I think we played games, she died and she went to heaven, and she always made me feel very special". To this I replied "Yes sweetheart, she always made me feel special too".